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Waking Up From the Emotional Dark Age

Since the beginning of our species, whenever that was, back in that day when humans got separated from all other animals by definition, emotions have been classified as somewhat of a mystical phenomenon. Irrational, illogical, and unexplainable urges that have a tendency to rise within us and force us to act against our better judgment. This era is now coming to an end.

Finally, we are smart enough to understand the true cause, process, and logic behind these seemingly raw urges that have been keeping us going for so long. For the first time since our species came down from the trees and became the tailless and upright creatures that we are today, we can finally begin to comprehend our evolutionary heritage. This is the place where intelligence meets emotion, the place where the modern you and the ancient you become one.


The goal of this project is to understand the entire scope of human emotion and figure out how to achieve self-collaboration. From the simplest of human emotions to the most complex, from the conscious, all the way to the deepest and darkest unconscious. Creating a single coherent model of all emotions, feelings, and urges.


On the way to achieving this goal, this project has come to life. Unlike most of what you’d find on the internet, this project is not a collection of theories and random pieces of information from various sources, but a single unified theory. Bringing together of all emotional states, reactions, and disorders – all united under a single roof.


To create something of actual worth, all articles under this project follow the same set of basic guidelines.

1. Clean, Lean, and Distilled to the Minimum

The problem today, at least in my honest opinion, is that most theories and methods are too cluttered. They do solve a problem, but at the same time, they tend to offer many additional beliefs, conditionings, and habits that often create other problems. This extra clutter isn’t a necessary part of the model, and in many cases collides with, affects, and even causes other psychological incongruencies. Consequently, even though such techniques are helpful in treating a certain disorder, the clutter often creates new conditions, creating a need for an ever-lasting loop of prolonged therapy, for years and even decades.

For this reason, all methods offered under this project have been distilled to the minimum. I will try to keep things as clean as possible and not attempt to influence your behavior by adding any of my own personal beliefs, assumptions, or worldview. Instead, I will just try to describe the quickest and most efficient route from a stable and balanced state to a full-blown emotion, and back to stilness.

2. Effective– Best Practice

There are countless healing modalities available today, each focused on a different end goal. Some offer success, some happiness, and some a more productive love life.

I believe that it’s not what you do, but how you do it. Therefore, the intention of this project is not to achieve a specific object or a goal, but to achieve maximum effectiveness. All techniques offered under this project were meant to work better, quicker, and more efficiently than any other techniques that are available today. Do with that as you wish.

3. Oneness – It is all one single theory.

For a theory to be true it has to take into account all aspects and explain all behaviors. Moreover, it seems pointless to add more diversity to a world that is already flooded with random unverified thoughts and beliefs. All of those partial theories that can only explain certain aspects, in certain people, under certain conditions have already left entire humanity overwhelmed and confused. At this stage, it seems more important to connect the knowledge we already possess rather than just add more to that neverending variety. So I limited myself to one theory and one alone.

It wasn’t an easy task, especially in the beginning, each new idea required comprehensive adjustments all across the entire model. Back then, the model had to go through numerous revisions on a daily basis, but eventually, it happened. Eventually, the framework became robust enough to support all emotions, all thoughts, and all beliefs. It is now a single framework that can hold all the parts of the system.

4. Testing – It Works!

I do not publish anything that I haven’t experienced and tried myself. The methods and models in this project aren’t just summaries of techniques, nor are they theories about how things should work. Everything I share on this project must first be tested and proven to work. At least once or twice. Everything I write comes from my own, first-hand, personal experience, and I don’t publish anything that I haven’t tried on myself first.

So, this is it! Not as a set of theories, but as one single overreaching theory for all emotions and mental states. Don’t think of it as a collection of different articles but as a single story. Each article explores a different aspect of the same model, all converging to a single explanation. A single model which describes that super-sophisticated technology that runs on the brain, the human mind.

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