Some people perceive themselves in terms of good and bad. These people believe that happiness is a good state, and therefore make efforts to feel good. Striving for endless gain, achievements, and pleasures. These people are also miserable and spend the majority of their time in misery, shame, and suffering.
Some people found out that even though the human perception is binary, reality isn’t. So they make an effort to perceive themselves in more complex, fluid, and continuous terms. As they do so, they begin to perceive themselves in terms of extremes, such as pleasure and pain, but also in terms of balance, such as satisfaction. From this point of view, it becomes clear that happiness isn’t pleasure at all, in fact, it is actually synonymous with satisfaction. Happiness has nothing to do with getting more or being better, and everything to do with being satisfied (happy) with what you already have. Due to that, these are the only people that will ever break free of the never-ending race and attain true happiness.
This is the pattern of counterintuitive acts and the way to reach goals without striving for them. An achievement which those who strive for it will never attain.
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