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Why should you read something with such a silly title, you gently ask?

Because you are a Megazord.

Yes! You are not a power ranger… you are a Megazord!

You know what a Megazord is, right?!

If you’re not a millennial, let me explain: each little Power Ranger has this animal-looking super badass robot vehicle thing they get into. That’s called a Zord and it’s how they fight the really big enemies.

But when things get really crazy, all these individual Zords crudely connect with one another to construct this huge human-looking robot, that’s made of all the other little robots, unsurprisingly, called a Mega-Zord.

That’s you!

That’s us.

What does this have to do with me?!

You, as well as I, and all the rest of us humans, are made of a handful of basic instincts that drive us. Each of these modules is encapsulated in its own super-capable shell. Each is responsible for a different part of our body, mind, and maybe even that soul thing. Who knows…

When all of these parts work together, you become an unstoppable force of nature. Nothing can stop you, and you can take on even the biggest kind of enemies.

But when they aren’t…

When all of your little parts fail to work together, and each of them pushes you in a different direction, you become scattered, fragmented, and destined to fail.

If you understand this, you understand what being human is really about. You understand that being successful in life isn’t about fighting as fiercely as you can, nor is it about being extremely smart and knowing everything. You understand that cooperation isn’t something that you do at work, but co-operation is something that you need to become.

You yourself are an entire society; you are a whole organization, and to do things right, you all have to work together.

Don’t pretend to be a power ranger. Unleash your Megazord!

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